Find Trusted Amplifiers


Separate influential and trusted voices from social data rabble. Verifeed identifies and mobilizes powerful viral ambassadors and amplifiers to drive cost-efficient and high-impact ‘word of mouth’ marketing, customer acquisition, and conversions.

Get Social Intelligence     


Think of Verifeed as your crystal ball. In it you see your customers, their friends, and who is saying what to influence a product launch or purchase. You get to know their lifestyle, sentiment, habits – and spot trends that will impact your bottom line.

Grow Your Bottom Line


Be first, right and predictive. What consumers are saying right now on social improves your bottom line: Use Verifeed insights to identify and convert new customers, anticipate sector trends, gain competitive advantage, and predict and measure earnings and stock performance.


tideMore than 80% of us don’t buy anything without validation from a ‘person like me’ on social. Verifeed finds, targets and engages influencers who change minds and behavior with viral word-of-mouth. We help you understand their needs, habits and opinions and map people’s social ‘amplification’ so you can predict reach and impact, and drive conversions. Find out more.


traderBe first, right and predictive. Real-time social insights are a leading indicator of company earnings and stock performance. Understand and anticipate sector trends, company ‘hits’ or ‘misses’, market-moving news and get competitive intelligence so you can profit with data you trust. Find out more.




publisherEngaging custom content and connection is the honey that attracts the bees. Verifeed social analytics powers native content marketing and compelling crowd-sourced storytelling – getting the right info to the right people at the right time – to drive traffic, conversions and revenue. Find out more.


govermentUnearth valuable insights about ‘who’ and ‘what’ will make or break a campaign, change minds about an issue, and attract new supporters, volunteers and donors. Find out more.