Every day, billions of opinions, dreams, challenges, likes and needs are shared on social media. A handful could have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. The question is, which?

Verifeed’s unique search methodology identifies market opportunities and market makers, predicts outcomes and provides unrivalled insight into who is influencing market trends, consumer tastes, voting and, well, everything.  Our proprietary algorithms are powerful levers that separate the noise from the information you want.

That’s what distinguishes Verifeed from everybody else.  No dashboards, just information, strategies and results you can rely on.

Thanks to Verifeed we were able to get a deeper understanding of the social conversations around blood donation and develop strategies to connect with key influencers to support this important part of our mission.

Curtis Midkiff

Director of Social Engagement

American Red Cross

Verifeed was game-changing. Ver​ifeed confirmed what we knew about our customers, found three more segments we never anticipated and opened up a previously unknown set of international market opportunities.

David Conley

Founder and CEO


It’s amazing what you can gain when you understand who says what about your brand! Verifeed provides valuable actionable insights that can pivot your communications in the right direction to connect with the right influencers and generate sales.

Daniela Ciocan

Director of Marketing

Cosmoprof North America

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It's not data, it's intelligence

The art (and profit) is discovering the relevant “who” and “what” impacting your business, cause or campaign.  At Verifeed we meet people where they are – conversing on social – and unearth relevant insights you need so you can know first and act fast. What you don’t know – or just miss in all that…



What pollsters and focus groups cannot tell you

Are social conversations more accurate predictors of how people vote? We think so. Remember Eric Cantor? His pollster showed him surging to a 34-point victory in last year’s Virginia primary; instead the former House Majority Leader got crushed, down 11 percentage points. The wild disparity got us thinking: Did Twitter conversations tell a different story?…