“Verifeed was game-changing. Verifeed confirmed what we knew about our customers, found three more segments we never anticipated and opened up a previously unknown set of international market opportunities.”

David Conley, SavingsSquirrel
Founder and CEO

“Thanks to Verifeed we were able to get a deeper understanding of the social conversations around blood donation and develop strategies to connect with key influencers to support this important part of our mission.”

Curtis Midkiff, American Red Cross
Director of Social Engagement

“We have been looking for engaging real-time technologies to incorporate into our new social learning network for transitioning veterans and their families. Verifeed gives us the flexibility to stream and learn from on-target, filtered conversations from the Twittersphere on topics important to our users.”

Craig Chambers, SinglePing Enterprises

“It’s amazing what you can gain when you understand who says what about your brand! Verifeed provides valuable actionable insights that can pivot your communications in the right direction to connect with the right influencers and generate sales.”

Daniela Ciocan, Cosmoprof North America
Director of Marketing

“Verifeed helped us make the hidden job markets in impact investing, green jobs and social impact jobs visible. The Verifeed top-of-the line dynamic learning algorithm not only helps us retain our members, but has the potential to make all job boards obsolete.”

Dr. Mrim Boutla, More Than Money Careers
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

“Verifeed helped us find our influencers. Getting our hands on this list was worth its weight in gold. We got feedback on timing of Tweets and how to break through the noise to engage our customers.”

Jen Dalton, BrandMirror

“Verifeed is instrumental in targeting, converting, and acquiring customers in the social media space. Our social presence has shot though the roof – resulting in tons of new business. Since we’re a produce delivery service, the term tons is very literal!”

Evan Lutz, HungryHarvest