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< Your Time. Your Place. Your Pace. />

You get SEVEN TRAINING MODULES  with 15 hours of video, slides, transcripts, practical guides, customizable templates, workbooks, and resources. Access the training and our expertise for a whole year, with real-time daily interactive engagement in a private Mastermind group - with proven strategies your business or department can put to work right away to drive performance, growth and results.



< Meet Your Masterclass Trainers />

Veronica and Melinda combine their "secret superpowers" in this EXCLUSIVE and COMPREHENSIVE training  - so companies and organizations can connect authentically with millions of Hispanics for maximum ROI.
Learn how this diverse, lucrative and growing segment expects PERSONALIZED connection and community engagement where they are - on SOCIAL, MOBILE and VIDEO.

Veronica Cool


Veronica helps businesses large and small grow their revenue and impact by understanding Hispanic culture. Dominican by birth, Veronica is a cross-cultural "translator" for business growth.

Melinda Wittstock


Melinda combines her social media superpowers and data science algorithms at Verifeed to accelerate traffic, conversions and revenue. She loves 10X Multipliers and golden retrievers.

< Who This Masterclass Is For? />

 If you're a marketing, business development or social media executive, manager or team player working for a company large or small, this Masterclass training is a must. Business owners and entrepreneurs will also benefit.
We're providing you with the PROVEN STRATEGIES we've learned and executed over the years helping businesses large and small engage authentically to drive pipeline growth and increased revenue. We take you through the WHY, WHAT and HOW so you can make a difference to your BOTTOM LINE right now!

< Did You Know? />

...Most American businesses are leaving millions of dollars on the table?

Hispanics are 3X more likely to be entrepreneurs 

Hispanics spend $1.5 Trillion Yearly and __ % Earn $65,000+

1 in 4 Kids in U.S. Kindergartens are now Hispanic

< What You'll Be Learning />

  • Understand the SIZE and SCOPE of a DIVERSE, GROWING and COMPLICATED market...
    Learn why "One Size Fits All" doesn't work in the $1.52 Trillion U.S. Hispanic market. We dig into the demographics, lifestyle, behavior, attitudes and spending habits of 57 million Hispanics.
  • What SOCIAL CONVERSATIONS tell you about how to TARGET and ENGAGE diverse communities to grow SALES...
    Learn the power of "social intelligence" data to capture insights about potential customer needs, challenges, hopes, circumstance, tastes, interests, income, location and more. 
  • The 10X MULTIPLIER: How to FIND and LEVERAGE INFLUENCERS for VIRAL Growth and LOYAL Customers...
    When 82% of us don't make a purchasing decision without validation from a friend on social, no one can afford to ignore the power of INFLUENCER targeting. Learn how to find and engage your influencers as a powerful virtual and viral salesforce. 
  • SOCIAL, VIDEO, MOBILE: Why PERSONALIZED MESSAGING and CALLS To ACTION Win Every Time...            Why it's important to get the right message to the right person at the right time on the right platform, and how to personalize at scale. 
  • Learn How to Avoid COMMON MISTAKES Many Companies Make...
    Why waste time, resources and money if you don't have to? Learn how to avoid costly mistakes and make your budgeted dollars stretch further for bigger impact and results.
  • OPERATIONAL SAVVY: Turning Strategies into REAL WORLD RESULTS...
    What resources do you need to make a difference in engaging the Hispanic community? We get into the nitty gritty of how to grow your ROI.