We all want to boost our influence and impact on social media.

It’s easier to be a thought leader when you genuinely connect with your true tribe.

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Did you know there is a predictable and measurable Return on Authenticity™?

Find out how well you are engaging your would-be customers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and beyond – and discover your genuine and most persuasive voice on social media to win their trust and business.

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What you get:

  • ROA™ Score: We score your posts and interactions on social media, and by measuring your authenticity and impact, we can predict and accelerate your growth. Value: $500.00
  • Recommendations: Get specific and easy to implement action steps based on our cutting edge and proprietary ROA™ scoring system. And we show you what “return” you will see if you follow the recommendations. Value: $350.00
  • It’s Personal: You’re unique, and so too is your voice and your strategy. That’s why we include a consultation and exclusive access to “Authenticity Ambassadors”, an exciting private peer-to-peer network on Facebook. There you get all the latest tips and the chance to connect with other business leaders. Value: $1,000.00

Total Value: $1,850.00

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I want my ROA™

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Find Your Authentic Voice!

Let us help you build your Return on Authenticity™ so you can win the trust and love of your true believers.

Break out of ‘business as usual’ on social media so you can…

  • Build Your Brand and Thought Leadership
  • Engage Influential Customers
  • Double your Revenue

Bottom line, we’re going to help you ‘walk your talk’ and engage in an authentic way to build trusted connection with your tribe so you can attract and ‘wow’ your customers – and keep them for life!

Become an Authenticity Ambassador and see the impact on your traffic, conversions, revenue, earnings and valuation.


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What you get:

  • One-on-One Concierge Coaching: ROA™ inventor and Verifeed CEO Melinda Wittstock coaches you personally on how to find your unique voice, engage your tribe and boost your ROA™. Value: $10K 
  • ROA™ Score + Progress Reports: We score your ROA™ across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, provide recommendations, and monthly progress reports so you an see real results from all those posts, shares and interactions. And a measurable return on all that time spent nurturing your tribe!  Value: $5K
  • Accountability Partner: Melinda and her team will monitor your progress on social media using Verifeed technology. We’ll keep you on the right track, offer feedback and advice, spot opportunities and suggest strategies. Value: $3.5K
  • Social Connection: Exclusive access to “Authenticity Ambassadors”, an exciting private peer-to-peer network on Facebook. Here, you get best-practice tips for each social network, insights from social media pros including Melinda, and connection with your peers. Value: $2.5K    

Total Value: $21,000.00

When you sign on today, you’ll invest only $12,500 over six months (or $2,500 a month) for the most profound social media overhaul you’ll ever witness in your life.


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