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…how to PROFIT from Social Conversations!

We believe that every person has a unique story, a purpose, important goals and unmet desires. Every day we listen to millions of social conversations, and every day we see valuable – yet missed – opportunities for businesses large and small to meet the needs of their would-be customers. No entrepreneur, practitioner, coach or business owner ever again needs to miss an opportunity to connect, converse and convert their natural “believers” into happy customers or influential advocates.

The clues are all there. Every day.

Together we can create a plan that works for you and enables you to have the fast-growing business or mission-driven impact, and tell the story that really describes you and your unique value.


Find and Grow Your Customers

Every day thousands – possibly even millions – of people are talking about wanting or needing something you’re selling or advocating. They just don’t know you yet.

They are sharing their “wants” and “needs” in social conversations across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond. Verifeed analyzes those interactions to discover your likely customers. In real time and over time, we come to understand what excites, frustrates and motivates them – and our social intelligence matches you with your most likely individual “believers”.

We listen, learn and leverage opportunities, markets and customers you didn’t even know you had.
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Leverage Influencers

It’s all about who and what you know. Monday Mantras and Throwback Thursdays, the “everyday influencer” on social media can spell the difference between fame or shame, profit or loss.

When 82% of us won’t make a purchase, show up, or vote without third party validation from someone like us on social media, it pays to know who is going to influence people to the shopping cart or voting booth.

Verifeed analyzes who is starting, changing and amplifying conversations about your product, cause or campaign. We model your Influencer Social Ecosystem, down to the individuals that match your brand’s attributes and goals.

Once we know what makes your influencers tick – their lifestyle, location, interests, buying habits, demographics, sentiment, needs and challenges – we overlay our powerful social intelligence with easy to implement persona-targeted action strategies to engage these viral ‘word of mouth’ everyday marketers to help you build buzz and loyalty, and engage and convert new customers.

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Multiply Your Traffic and Conversions

People make purchasing decisions on social every day, and consumers are also in the driving seat: They have more options than ever, their attention is limited, and they expect you to engage them personally, with content and interactions relevant to their needs and interests.

If you want to boost your traffic and conversions, digital and email is not enough. You have to be “dangerous” on social too. But that means engaging authentically, making friends and building relationships. Winning over a loyal customer on social media is no different from making a friend in real life. Friendships are built on what we have in common – interests, circumstances, and challenges. They are also built on authentic communication and the willingness to share and help.

Verifeed insights, strategies and technology enable you to achieve personalization – at scale – to boost your ROI from social. Verifeed social intelligence powers targeted contextual content marketing native to each platform and personalized to your customers’ needs, preferences and circumstance.

What works for one customer may not for another. We take the guesswork out of who gets what content when, so you can connect meaningfully with content that will resonate and attract the influencers who will amplify far and wide. It’s the vital strategic competitive differentiator that keeps your cost low and your impact big!

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Analyze Competitors

There’s thinking, and then there’s knowing. In today’s crowded marketplace and noisy social media landscape its vital you keep tabs on latest trends, news developments, and sentiment that could impact your company or cause.

Verifeed gives you a competitive advantage:
The knowledge to act first and fast to seize market opportunities.

Want to find your ideal target market for a new product? Want to know when and how to seize on a competitor’s misstep or a timely development in the news? Want to know what consumer trends may impact your industry sector, constituency or membership? We can help.
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Predict Trends & Consumer Behavior

At Verifeed we know there is profit in knowing where the “story” is going next. New trends emerge first on social networks, and there’s a competitive advantage in knowing first, and acting fast.

And think about the value in being able to infer and predict what your customers or potential customers are likely to want, need or buy?

Our contextual sentiment and scoring algorithms are predictive.

Verifeed social intelligence unearths the trends you need to know about to compete in a crowded marketplace or win an election. Our approach is also unique because we contextualize and pattern the insights to enable predictive trends analysis. Be first, right and predictive.

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Build Buzz

Verifeed helps you verify your relevance on social media. If you want to make an impact on social media as a “thought leader” or differentiate your brand from a noisy pack, Verifeed is right for you.

Because we use our powerful strategic and predictive social intelligence to match your unique value to those who are most likely to appreciate it – and amplify it.

Who’s engaging positively about you on social right now – and who’s not? How are those conversations impacting sentiment and sales? Are there opportunities in those conversations? How are you doing relative to your competitors?

Monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns in real time and over time. Understand who’s influencing outcomes and why. Look back retroactively to see what you could have done differently to boost conversions. See what phrases are resonating with the most influential. Seize on what is working and course-correct the rest.

Remember, there’s thinking and there’s knowing.

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Social CRM

You may know who your customers are by name, snail mail or email address.

But do you know who they are on social networks? Now that most people communicate on social, it’s important you know how to engage, reward, and leverage your customers where they are.

Our insights will bolster your lead generation, engagement, sales and marketing strategies.
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Imagine Your Business Growing Faster Than You’d Dreamed Possible.

Together we can create a plan that works for you!

It will enable you to have the fast-growing business or mission-driven impact you’ve always wanted.