Authenticity is everything. At Verifeed we ‘walk our talk’ and empower ambitious companies to find their genuine voice so they can leverage social media as a catalyst for exponential growth.
Authenticity is so important we’ve developed a way to measure it – and achieve it.

Verifeed was founded by the serial entrepreneur and award-winning journalist Melinda Wittstock. Melinda’s ability to ask revealing questions led to an award-winning career in journalism with the Times of London, BBC, CNBC and ABC.

“I always wanted to be first, right and predictive” says Melinda, “to know where the story was going next, who would win, who would lose, and how the news would impact the future”.

Soon, her growing obsession with the power of social networking and big data led her to create algorithms that crawl, parse and pattern millions of social conversations to:

  • Understand consumer behavior and motivations – and who is influencing it
  • Filter for topical relevance and reliability
  • Predict trends by searching for patterns and context
  • And identify the hidden factors that affect social influence

Melinda knew that all the data in the world is worthless if it’s not “actionable” – that is, it needs to offer a significant boost to a company’s bottom line. Soon she began to see that companies that connect authentically with consumers outperformed their rivals. The difference is plain as day and spans every meaningful metric – from traffic and conversions, to actual revenue, earnings, and most impressive of all, exit multiples on acquisition.

Return on Authenticity(™) connects you with your true believers. Verifeed gives you a roadmap and gets you the result.


Curiosity drives everything we do.

We develop precise methods for our consumers to gain strategic social intelligence, supported by the human intelligence needed to build it and ask the right questions.

Who do we work with best?

We love to work with people who want to stand out in a crowd.

People who want to be heard above the noise (without resorting to shock tactics).

Those who know their unique value and want to share their special solution, product, cause or service with as many of the right people as possible.

We believe in knowing your “why” and making it resonate – and amplify.

Our “why” is all about the truth, and that can be scary for some people.

Not us. We’re “all in” on honoring the truth because knowing is profitable. Data doesn’t lie. By connecting people to contextual, targeted and reliably accurate social intelligence, our clients can reach more people, while seeing a measurable return on the value they create.

What Our Customers Think
  • “Melinda helped us find our markets. I was impressed with the in-depth analysis of Twitter and step-by-step guide to growing our customers on Twitter.”

    Funlayo Alabi, Shea Radiance
  • “Verifeed is instrumental in targeting, converting, and acquiring customers in the social media space. Our social presence has shot though the roof – resulting in tons of new business. Since we’re a produce delivery service, the term tons is very literal!”

    Evan Lutz, HungryHarvest
  • “Verifeed helped us find our influencers. Getting our hands on this list was worth its weight in gold. We got feedback on timing of Tweets and how to break through the noise to engage our customers.”

    Jen Dalton, BrandMirror
  • “Verifeed helped us make the hidden job markets in impact investing, green jobs and social impact jobs visible. The Verifeed top-of-the line dynamic learning algorithm not only helps us retain our members, but has the potential to make all job boards obsolete.”

    Dr. Mrim Boutla, More Than Money Careers
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner
  • “It’s amazing what you can gain when you understand who says what about your brand! Verifeed provides valuable actionable insights that can pivot your communications in the right direction to connect with the right influencers and generate sales.”

    Daniela Ciocan, Cosmoprof North America
    Director of Marketing
  • “We have been looking for engaging real-time technologies to incorporate into our new social learning network for transitioning veterans and their families. Verifeed gives us the flexibility to stream and learn from on-target, filtered conversations from the Twittersphere on topics important to our users.”

    Craig Chambers, SinglePing Enterprises
  • “Thanks to Verifeed we were able to get a deeper understanding of the social conversations around blood donation and develop strategies to connect with key influencers to support this important part of our mission.”

    Curtis Midkiff, American Red Cross
    Director of Social Engagement
  • “Verifeed was game-changing. Verifeed confirmed what we knew about our customers, found three more segments we never anticipated and opened up a previously unknown set of international market opportunities.”

    David Conley, SavingsSquirrel
    Founder and CEO

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