Verifeed makes companies believable and celebrated on social media, leveraging growing trust and goodwill into measurable explosive growth.


We will be the barometer of trustworthiness and authenticity in business, catalyzing integrity for bigger profits than ever before.


Walking Our Talk
We believe there is a measurable Return on Authenticity™ – and that’s a concept we’ve baked into everything we do here.

But what does authenticity mean? It means cutting the crap.

It means refusing to use those high-pressure sales gimmicks. It means we resist the temptation to play fast-and-loose with the truth. It means being vulnerable. It means actually apologizing if we ever do wrong by someone. It means committing to be focused on our community, and a higher purpose than just dollars and cents.

Community and Higher Purpose
We believe in “giving forward” to improve lives and communities. We work to inspire companies to make positive changes in the world. And, we try to reward and encourage that kind of altruism when we see it in the wild. We support mission-driven solutions executed with integrity and heart. And we believe in doing all of this because it makes the world a nicer place to live.

Abundance Mindset
We reject the “scarcity” thinking that inspires fear, greed, jealousy, pride, ego, and insecurity. Instead, we embrace the unlimited resources of our abundant world with open arms. Problems and limitations melt away when we meet them with unbridled curiosity and blue-sky creativity. We thrive when we collaborate, because through that connection we become exponentially more in every way. We foster a culture that embraces prosperity. And we believe in being generous with the lessons we learn on our own individual paths to abundance, because by sharing those insights we can help our clients prosper as well.

Innovation and Mastery
We believe in getting better at what we do, and being the best humans we can be. We value and reward lifelong learning, intrapreneurship, and creative collaboration to make sure that the products and services we offer our clients are phenomenal in every way. We focus on innovation and mastery, because we want to elate our customers, and offer the most rewarding and life-enhancing experiences for our team members.